Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Since I have my new pedometer that tracks my steps, I decided to walk to lunch today over at Jebel Weibdeh. I was excited because I would also walk to choral rehearsal tonight, but sadly that was cancelled. I had a choice to make on my return. I could walk up the larger set of steps or the shorter route. I chose the stairway with fewer steps and I could 119 consecutive steps. In the U.S., the steps often zigzag with landings where a person can stop, but on these jebels the steps go straight up with no landings. It is a great cardiovascular routine. Next time I'll reserve the strength to go up the longer flight.

I was wondering if I ought to have a St. Patrick's Day party at the parish because it would be held on the First Sunday of Lent. As I walked along, I saw a shamrock and picked it up. Confirmation! We will have it.


  1. Well Done on both counts, and Guinness IS good for you.

  2. As a member of St. Patrick's Parish, I agree that you should have a party! I am told that Sundays are free days during Lent so party on!

    1. They are the Lord's Days, so fasting is never done during these days of celebration.