Sunday, March 2, 2014

At the end of the week...

At the end of the week I feel like a dry and weary land. I'm exhausted. The weekend was very full and I am very happy, but sleep beckons and it is only 8:30 p.m. What happened to the energy of my youth?

While it is warm outside, sand storms have picked up and blanketed the atmosphere. I tell myself that this is part of the reason for feeling heavy. It is more difficult to breathe when the air is saturated with sand. Maybe I should wear a head scarf.

This weekend was eventful. Mostly, people liked the homily I gave. They laughed a few times and seemed very interested. I also did an anointing rite before Lent so that people could pray for their own healing. Lots of people need healing here - whether physically, psychically, emotionally, or spiritually. The needs are great.

We followed up with donuts after mass. That is a great treat for many. It creates for a vibrant social hour.

Why can nothing be easy? I asked for two dozen donuts. The man at the counter asked if I wanted them mixed and I said yes. So, I got muffins, eclairs, brownies, and everything else. I only wanted a variety of donuts. He must have been clearing out his old supply.

After lunch today, the pastor of the host church fed me two oranges, four apples, two spinach pies, and three cheese filled pastries. I wanted to explode, but then I had to run to another parish to be with the other parish priest who was having a pre-Lenten lunch of lamb, stuffed zucchini, and grape leaves with tons of appetizers, two cakes, a few liquids, and coffee. It was a great time, but I don't have any additional space to put this food.

There is so much good left to do. Ah, the Oscars are tonight. I'll have to dream of the winners because my eyes are closing.....


  1. Get back down to 157lbs, Fr. John, and your youthful energy will resurge![smile] Barry