Friday, March 14, 2014

To the U.S.

I arrived in London and immediately saw Hamley's, the toy store, which has a wide presence in Amman. I felt like I had some continuity with Jordan as I left for the U.S. for a home visit.

Then as I paused outside the toy store, I recognized the music to Ennio Morricone's "The Mission" and I recognized that is who I am - a missionary. I am home wherever I go. I'll always find my way.

As I looked around the airport amids the Anglo- Irish- faces, I kept seeing many of my friends within their features. Arab faces are becoming familiar but Caucasian faces are more recognizable.

I had a ham and cheese sandwich at Heathrow. What is so abundant to some is scarce for others.

I watched the film "Nebraska" on the plane to Boston. It was a terrific film, but one has to endure the first half, which sets us the second half. If one likes rich dialogue, see another film, but this worked for me as I was doing a home visit to aging parents.

My mind searches back to those people whose lives I want to know more clearly and to those good friends I will see again in the U.S.

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