Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Remember that you are dust....

This is the third or fourth day of dust and the effect upon us is dramatic. I feel like I cannot catch a full breath of air - as if I'm operating at three-quarter lung capacity. I cannot imagine how smokers deal with this. Even our Pope has one lung. I'm very thankful I can breathe.

I had another terrific day with small but unexpected blessings. Somehow I moved through my work rapidly and I accomplished tasks that I was not intending to get done yet. I even napped twice! Short, but sweet. I think the sandstorms are causing all of us to feel heavy with burning eyes and a salty taste to the tongue.

I'm pleased to have ordered some holy cards this week, which I will O.K. the proof tomorrow. I also have some English language books on order. The faithful are starving for good sacramental or theological knowledge. I feel like I am finally bringing a Jesuit presence to the area as I focus on Ignatian spirituality.

One of the best things that is happening is that I am getting strange calls. These calls are just to say hello and to have the person be known to me. Many people are becoming connected through the church and they are seeing the richness of the community. I'm still trying to understand the power of the Jesuit priesthood here, but some people just want to be around a priest who listens and responds to them. It is quite nice. It feels like centuries of the Bible is being unpacked for me.

I even had some free time today so I read 40 pages of a book. That felt great. Tomorrow, after Ash Wednesday services, I'll head to the Dead Sea to be connected with a person who might be my contact for having English-language masses for guests and workers regularly. After that, I'll make some cutouts for our St. Patrick's Day party on Saturday.

Then next week, a short visit to the States.

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