Saturday, February 1, 2014

Moving On Day

A new month. Chinese New Years. A new day.

Sometimes as pastor of a church, one has to make difficult decisions for the good of the parish. As the English speaking parish is growing and diversifying, I chose to bring a close to our worship in West Amman and transfer our worship over to an old section of town called Jebel Webdeih. Such decisions are challenging to make and puts the pastor in a lonely situation.

The new place where we will worship will have no event preceding or following our mass. We will therefore be able to come together as community and enjoy one another. We will have socials and lectures after mass and we can build a community from our great diversity.

All the sad, I recognized the parishioner's sadness, anger, hurt, confusion and also their hopes, joys, dreams, and visions. As I said in my homily today, "Onwards and Upwards." I'm so contented with the graciousness and magnanimity of the parishioners. God's grace seems to be abundantly present in this process.

A new day. Hoorah!

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