Monday, June 23, 2014

Dana and The Rum

How is it that I can forget suntan lotion when heading into depths of the fiery furnace desert? I can’t believe it. In fact, my arms were burned just from the ride down to Wadi Rum from Amman.

Then when I walked barefoot to the pool I scorched the bottoms of my feet on the blazing hot sand and pavement. What a surprise when I jumped into the pool it was frigid. I would never have anticipated chilled water because of the strength of the sun.

After a refreshing dip I headed back to my bungalow only to find myself locked into the pool and I was not wearing a shirt. After a while I scaled the fence, painfully landed on my scorched feet, and went to take a warm shower.

After all, I’m heading out for a sunset jeep cruise. I asked for the sunset tour and he told me that sun sets at 8:30. I then asked when dinner was and he said 8:00, so I said I guess I’ll be missing dinner. “No,” he says, “the sunset cruise begins at 5:30 and ends at 7:30?” I simply replied, “huh?” and let it go.

This morning as I was leaving Amman, I pulled into the Taj Mall, but instead of committing my car to go inside the parking garage, I first wanted to find out if the supermarket was open that early. Eight security guards came rushing over because I did not point my car to go down the ramp. I got out of my car to ask them the question and the eight of them surrounded me because of this weird behavior. Finally, I got an answer. The market opens at 9:00, but since it is 8:30 I can park and wait half an hour. They could not understand I would not be doing that. I wanted to get on the road early. They insisted that I park and were perplexed when I drove away: Marselemeh!

Down to the Dana Reserve. Oh, I like this place. I wish I were staying for several days. It is just the type of natural habitat I like to visit. It was fantastic. The place took my breath away, but then I started talking to the Bedouin guide and I received an education. Enough said.

Yesterday was one wild day as well. I could not believe all the questions that came to me. I counted 30 received phone calls for the day, said two masses, had four appointments, and then had a lovely dinner. I enjoy Chinese food occasionally. I went to bed exhausted. Also, I received an education. This place gives me much fodder for prayers.


  1. Maybe you would want to consider just opening the bottle of rum and taking a big swig.

    1. The original way of spelling it was Ram.