Tuesday, June 24, 2014


I had a pleasant surprise tonight when I attended The Jordanian National Orchestra Association's "An Evening in Amman." I thought I would take in the inaugural event for the orchestra to show support for the arts and just because I like live music. I have come to know several members of the orchestra fairly well over the past two months. I thought it might be a nice gift to myself to attend the concert as a send-off to the U.S.A.

Much to my delight, Queen Noor opened the show. She is a beautiful woman poised with elegant grace. She was accompanied by Amman's mayor, Mr. Akel Biltaji, who is a capable and gracious man and Dr. Tala Abu-Ghazaeleh, president of the Orchestra who was honored at the festivities.

I ran across many familiar faces and they were all smiling because the event was festive and upbeat. It is good to have the orchestra jump-started again. Everyone needs a little good music now and then. Oh, yes, the King Hussein Cultural Center was completely full. I will miss Amman.

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