Saturday, December 27, 2014

A Holiday

I love the Christmas octave because the readings for the week are very inspiring. It feels like Christmas from where I sit because I am in northwestern Maine at a benefactor's house with two other Jesuits. It is nice to simply hang out and enjoy a meal together. 

At present, I'm sitting in front of an eight-panel mountain-facing set of windows with a sweeping view of pristine nature. Fireworks are exploded from the nearby ski-lodge but the house is so magnificent, it is difficult to want to go outside. Snow covers the earth and winter has set into this corner of the state, but it is also magnificently warm. If the weather does not allow for skiing tomorrow, it will create a great environment for photography. 

I bless the owners of this stunning house, which has won architectural acclaim. Seeing such craftsmanship is like gazing upon artwork, but it makes me appreciate the poverty that Jesuits live. We do sometimes have advantage of the hospitality of these great places, but it is nice to live simply and comfortably. It makes us feel aligned to the ordinary citizens of the world.

The serenity and quiet of this place makes me want to sleep after a long drive. I've been on roads I've not travelled before and I've seen a few towns I've heard about for a while. My awareness of northern New Hampshire and northwestern Maine is being expanded. Tomorrow is the feast of the Holy Family and I feel comforted to be in a Catholic community that is blessed abundantly by God.

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