Sunday, December 7, 2014

Our Christmas celebration

Ah! My Christmas has come. Tonight, Chorus North Shore gave Christmas cheer to our audience on a dreary rain-soaked chilly night. Rudolph would have had difficulty finding his way. We were pleased with the full house in light of the weather and we were thankful, for driver’s sakes, that it was not snow. (But I like snow.)

The first half of the show celebrated Advent, especially with a Telemann piece called “Machet die Tore Weit,” which means “Open Wide the Gates.” Two young soloists sang the arias and recitatives. Very nice done. They joined up for a medley of Christmas tunes.

The Honors Youth Choir sang with us in the second half and they were a tremendous hit. After we sang Psalm 100, they performed “In the Bleak Midwinter” and the audience held back their applause because of the stunning silence that concluded their song. The adults sang “Who will come?,” a softly sung narrative of the Holy Family. We then livened up the church with Personnet Hodie and an ancient Galician tune that captured the audience’s attention.

The finale was a selection of Silent Night tunes that were woven nicely together. The audience sang boldly when they were invited into the song. Nearly everyone sang and then opened their mouths so wide I could almost see tonsils. Their eyes were full of joy and delight at times and then some were also moved to tears as the finale tugged at their heartstrings. We gave them Christmas.

At the conclusion, a young girl that was maybe 1.5 years old came forward in her neat little dress and applauded. She kept smiling and laughing. The beauty of Christmas performances is that some people will hear these songs for the first time and the course of their lives can be shaped by it, and some people will hear these songs for the last time before they meet their God.

We brought them the story of Christ tonight. We gave them just what they needed. We all need a little Christmas – no matter what time of year.

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