Friday, December 26, 2014

A Quiet Day

Typically, the day after Christmas is quite settled and quiet. This year it is blessedly quiet once again. When I awoke, I got started on my first Christmas cards. For some reason, I could not put pen to paper this year even though I made my own. Well, I finally started and it was quite fun. I enjoy writing the cards, but there were so many other things I wanted to do this year.

The afternoon felt like a Christmas in Amman, Jordan because it was 50 degrees and cloudless. It was so pleasant that I could not pass up the chance to go for a walk. Every single person I met was so pleasant and filled with goodwill. Usually, there's always one scrooge you meet, but thankfully, not today.

I found a new, quiet walkway from South Boston to the bustling waterfront area. It felt like a meditation walk because there aren't too many people who choose this route. People were sitting outside reading books or just deeply breathing. Families were walking together and they all seemed to enjoy the chance to be outside and to feel invigorated. It was quite lovely.

Since I drove my car a short distance, I did not have much traffic with which to contend, but when I met a pedestrian or other driver, I usually nodded and smiled and their faces lit up. Too often people drive aggressively and in a defensive mode (You're not going to get one over on me!), but today that atmosphere was missing. We must always practice those acts of kindness because it must be passed on to a future world.

Today, I just loved it. So many happy, relaxed faces with bright smiles. It is heartening to experience such goodwill. It can soften any scrooge's heart.

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