Thursday, May 26, 2016

A Walk Alone

Since the weather has been glorious over these past two days in Boston, I took a walk through the City. I was dressed in mufti so it was not apparent I was a priest. I started out in South Boston and crossed into the South End. A woman near the art galleries asked me a question and we began talking. She is in Boston for a graduation, but she attended Scranton University (Jesuit) in Philadelphia. It lead to a discussion of her faith and her great trust in Christ.

Then I crossed over to the Back Bay where a couple in their mid-60's we trying to remember the name of a church on Boylston Street. I chimed in and they started asking about churches in the area. They were seeking places where they could go to confession. They were visiting for a graduation and some time for vacation. He attended Fordham University in the Bronx and enjoyed his time in the Jesuit classroom. They explained how their faith was important in their lives and they are so appreciative of certain types of priests who deliver homilies of substance.

On the way back to the car, I began crossing over the Fourth Street Bridge and a man said something to me. His wife and two sons were up ahead and he was tired of walking. His elder son graduated from Harvard today and they were celebrating with him. He was from Nebraska, was a Catholic, and appreciated the work of the Jesuits. They often travel to Omaha to hear homilies from Jesuits. He appreciates the way his Catholic faith gives meaning to all the other facets of his life.

It just seemed like these unsolicited visits were quite revealing. I love being a Jesuit priest and the world seems to be in such a need of a deeper connection with the Divine. Even a simple walk for exercise can turn into walks of grace.

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