Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A Mature Boston

The past two days I have continued my walking tour with my European friend, who has fallen in love with Boston. We were walking through Quincy Market a second time and listening to some music when we stopped in front of the Cheers Restaurant. A wave of sentimentality washed over me as I pined for the good ole Boston of the 1980's when the Celtics reigned supreme and Cheers was an endearing weekly television show. Sam and Diane were quite a pair with a great supporting cast. Cheers made Boston feel like a neighborhood town.

Walking through Boston today, the city exudes a feeling of having made it. It has matured in its identity and it has well-established pride. Every street corner is clean and neat and it is well connected to the next part of the city. New construction and renovations occur in each part of the city. It is sharp, edgy, cosmopolitan and catering to a clientele that is well-to-do, which leaves me out in the cold. Still, one can marvel at the aesthetic improvements the city has made.

Boston in blessed and it has a new confidence and it offers a whole lot to its citizens and tourists. I still hope to find some of the Cheers neighborhood feeling when I turn into a once-familiar corner of the city. My European friend? His breath is taken away when we soaks into Boston's aura.

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