Saturday, June 4, 2016

Medical Anniversary

Last year on June 6th, I was singing in the Brahm's Requiem when I had an attack of diverticulitis that led to surgery. I will always remember the events of that day as I knew immediately that I would require surgery, which happened on June 17th. I marvel at the human body and how quickly it acts to protect and heal itself from the trauma of surgery.

This year, I'm singing in Mozart's Requiem, but I have been making certain that I care for my body much better than I did last year. I've learned how to eat well and I've learned how not to be swayed by scrumptious advertising. I want to be lean and fit the way I am supposed to be. It is not yet time for my requiem.

A friend of mine had a diverticulitis attack a few weeks ago and had a minor procedure. Her colon re-sectioning is scheduled for June 6th, the anniversary of my attack.

Following major surgery, one generally gets an appreciation for the gift of life, which is fragile. The medical intervention has awakened me to the blessings of the day and I give thanks to God for life. I want to spend more time in enjoyment and less with work. The gifts of music and art make my life more meaningful. I guess this is wisdom and maturity.

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