Monday, June 6, 2016

Spanish Class # 1

I arrived in San Antonio, Texas for an intensive Spanish class. I want to speak the original language of Ignatius of Loyola and to give the Spiritual Exercises in the original language. I want to help out the People of God that speak Spanish and do not have enough church representation.

The flights were O.K. I did not like the woman that sat two seats behind me and sneezed for over 300 times. I was talking with BC High Arrupe parents and we were annoyed with her. At one point we stopped and counted. The flight was over 3.5 hours. She was nonstop. The flight was not.

My arrival at the Mexican American Catholic College in San Antonio was warm and welcoming. The facilities are clean and comfortable. It reminds me though of a Catholic compound. We need key codes to enter each building and exit them. My bedroom has a straight key. Most of the buildings and gates are coded. The area surrounding us seems relatively safe, but it reminds me of life in Amman when even the seven parcels of the garden were locked.

At first blush, a month seems like a long time here. The compound is small and we are relatively isolated. A WalMart and an HEB is nearby to walk and I'm not much of a shopper. 

I thought I was misplaced into a higher class than I should be, but we'll see how that goes tomorrow. We have several Jesuit novices with us, which is very nice. A bishop from Kentucky has joined us. He decided that he should know some of the language since so many Spanish-speaking Catholics are in his diocese. How good of him.

My goal is to enjoy the language and the people around me.

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