Sunday, June 19, 2016

Two Full Weeks

I have finished two weeks of language class and it is going well. This week was extremely full as I was called upon to preside every day of the week at mass and to perform other sacramental duties. As a priest, I am getting a lot of experience with the masses and with speaking in general and it is a lot of extra duties. In some ways, I'm given preference and I'm getting more work than anyone else, but it id good for me to get the extra assistance. It leaves me with little free time.

This weekend, I retreated to Austin where I took in some fun times. We went to Esther's Follies on Sixth Street and we were thoroughly entertained. We laughed for 1.5 hours straight. Sixth Street is a place of live music and street entertainment because the University of Texas is right in the heart of Austin. It is quite the happening place. It is a destination of good food, homespun music, and lots of drinking. I bypassed the drinking and the food, but it is a tourist mecca.

Earlier today, I saw a road runner and a couple unique birds. Deer run around the property day and night. There are so many critters in this part of the world that do not seem to fear humans.

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