Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Final Week

This is the final week of classes at the Mexican American Catholic College for languages. It has been a good week.

I'm struck that everywhere I go the hunger for God is great. So many people want to be heard and understood. Even in my restful times on the weekends, the ministry doesn't end. I am forever and always a priest.

I think of some of the older people I have met. Even though they have lived well and are enjoying full retirement, there's still a ministry to help them process their retirement and their approaching mortality. Many attend church hoping to find some word nuggets that will help them put in perspective their life and their need for faith. Some get it and some are still struggling. They especially need help when illness or the death of a spouse hits. They find they are ill-equipped to deal with the new reality. They miss their spouses a great deal and have a challenging time coping with being alone.

Even some middle aged people question what life is about. If they have not been successful, they wonder why they should continue to exist because they doubt they have the capacity to make more prudent decisions for themselves. Especially, if they find themselves alone, they may not want to deal with illness or injury by themselves. Some cannot see a reason to go forward.

Every person of distinct backgrounds want to be respected by others. What we have in common is much greater than what sets us apart. I'd like to see us connect with each other in ways that makes the bonds more meaningful.

Many people simply want to be seen, heard, and known by others, and it is especially good if God sees, hears, and knows them as well. We want our lives to mean something. I cannot imagine what life would be without faith. I live for God and for God's kingdom and I'm glad to be one of God's priests. I'm thankful for the Society of Jesus and the work our Company does. Somehow we make the road a little lighter for others. May we all come to find God's presence a little more central in our lives.

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