Friday, June 24, 2016

John the Baptist

I especially love this feast day. I love when, in the readings, Zechariah writes, "His name is John." I feel stirred to life as Zechariah is able to speak again.

I love the symbolism behind the feast day when John must decrease so Christ can increase. Nearly two decades ago when I was entering the Jesuits, I sold my condo on this day. It was great symbolism for me so that Christ could increase within me.

This is a day that I am missing being in Jordan. I miss the people and the food and the great historical sites. Today, the Latin Patriarch Fouad Twal's resignation was accepted by the Pope since he is past retirement age. He was a good leader and fought for the rights of Christians in the nation of Israel.

Well, I'm now in my third week of Spanish language studies with one more to go. We have been through the most turbulent part and now we are gaining confidence in speaking and in choosing the correct verb tenses. I am grateful that the masses I said this week were in English so that I could concentrate on my studies. Next week I'll have three masses in Spanish plus the graduation ceremony and the confessions. The pastoral work here is just as much as it is in English.

I feel relieved this week and I can gather enough energy to make it through next week. I am enjoying my time here and yet I look forward to being back home. I hear the Boston weather is terrific.

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