Friday, June 10, 2016

Finished the First Week

We finished our first week of language classes and we are on a well deserved break. The novices and scholastics took off for the city of San Antonio as quickly as they could. I have some some friends, former parishioners of Amman, Jordan, who are now in Austin coming to collect me for the weekend. We all need a break.

We have all done well. The classes are fun but it is work. We had oral presentations today and we each had strengths and areas of improvement. We are urging each other on and encouraging each other well. There is a nice community dynamic in the college.

I've been put through the paces. As a priest, I'm called upon for ministerial and priestly duties. I, therefore, get lots of practice time, but I do not get free time to do my homework. I squeeze it in after my evening walk when I'm plumb tired.

All is good. We have a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Even though some of us are at different levels, we are not far off in our comprehension and speaking abilities. The playing field is level and we like that we are in the same process together.

I simply do not know how I will get my homework and my homilies done for next week.

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