Thursday, May 26, 2016

Weight Loss

For some strange reason, just as Lent came to an end, I began my diet. On Holy Thursday I prayed for assistance to help me have a partner in my weight loss plans. I was told of a free app called Lose it that would help track the food I consumed. I was certainly pleased with the ease with which the pounds started dropping from my body. I was also pleased with what I was learning about nutrition. Earlier I would decide what I wanted to eat by how tasty something seemed; now I decide by different standards.

I am fascinated by the marketing of food and the new expectations that are created for us. I see very many signs that advertise "all you can eat" or a food "happy hour." We certainly do not need any of this excess food. Restaurants serve food that is three times as much food as we need for the entree only. We also have a drink, soup or salad, and we leave room for dessert. Earlier this week I was at a restaurant where the average calorie count of an entree alone was 1,400, which is incredible because my daily caloric intake is 1,750. One has to be diligent when ordering the proper food so that we are not obese.

By simply paying attention to my meals, I am watching the weight drop. Of course, I need to walk or exercise to assist. I do feel like Christ is working with me to get me down to my desired weight. It is easier than I was expecting and it does mean I have to make choices, but the choices seem very rational and clear. I have my choices back and I think that is the big difference in using this app. It allows me to eat as I'd like and to make natural adjustments. I am now aware.

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