Friday, July 8, 2016

A Domestic Day

Though it is an overcast day with perfect temperatures for exercising, I decided to exercise my domestic skills inside my little room. I'm glad I did because I feel very accomplished.

I bought new bathroom rugs, a new shower curtain, and curtain hooks so I could freshen up this cleansing room. I removed the very heavy bathroom door that served only to block the light from entering the room. I even hung a few hooks for some clothing and linens. Everything is better organized. After scrubbing and cleaning, the place sparkles.

It then served as a way of accomplishing small details that I postponed for months and years. I went through drawers and threw out old papers, cleaned my drawers of old technology pieces, fixed a few odds and ends, and organized my shelves. I found some items that were missing for the past month and I was delighted to find them near to the place I left them. The top of my desk is clean and I wonder why it took me so long to clean it. I did my laundry and readied a few items for my next trip to Omaha.

I even did some research that I postponed for months because I figured I could do it over the summer. Well, the summer is here and I have no valid reason to delay, so I did some of it today. Granted, I ought to be working on a few other projects, but sometimes these small accomplishments are the launchpads for something more substantial.

Just a few more projects for the day and then mass, dinner, and a good long walk to end the week.

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