Thursday, July 14, 2016

Wading in the Pool

Classes are going fine. In fact, they are quite fun. Creighton has a long history of attracting many men and women religious and very committed lay men and women. This place is almost like a mecca for advanced education for the Catholic Church in the Midwest.

Class was very spirited today and the students asked me to continue for an additional twenty minutes. I felt so bad. After class, I took the students to the Jocelyn Art Museum, which is a ten minute walk from campus. The religious sisters from Africa were so pleased to be in an art museum because they would not have thought to go on their own. They said, "We needed a break from sitting at our desks."

Everyone had a blast trying out the trinkets in the gift shop, but the real blessing occurred when I invited everyone to take off their shoes and wade into the fountain pond at the entrance to the museum. Once we did that, many other people took off their shoes. At first, the sisters resisted, but then we could not get them out of the water. The only way to do so was to assemble for a group photo. It was an enjoyable evening when we laughed and enjoyed some playful times - a nice respite from the coursework.

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