Sunday, July 24, 2016

Halfway Through the Semester

We are halfway through the semester and all is going very well. The twelve students are doing fine in their work and their appropriation of the materials. We are having fun learning together. The trip to the Art Studios seemed to invigorate their desire to begin their final projects. The community that is being built is quite strong.

Last night, I was treated to an Omaha tenderloin steak. It was beyond compare - tender, succulent, pure, and cooked medium rare. Perfect. We enjoyed a relaxed evening immensely.

The other day I spoke to my father and put my foot in my mouth. I asked him about the location of his father's grave in Michigan's Upper Peninsula and he called me to tell me he was buried in Calumet. I explained that I may get there one day to visit, so I asked my grandfather's name. My father paused and was frustrated: John, he said.

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