Friday, April 14, 2017


Today's Good Friday service and yesterday's Holy Thursday mass were quite moving. I have been praying over my current image of God, which is communion, and I have been shown it abundantly. At the liturgies, the following people came forward to venerate the cross: Vietnamese, Dominicans, Salvadoran, Brazilian, African-American, Irish, and other Caucasians. Liturgies were Tri-lingual with occasional Latin interspersed. People approached the sanctuary with canes, limps from gimpy knees, with mental disabilities, with advanced age or the blessings on youth, with families or single, and with many other characteristics, but they came with a common purpose - because we need a Savior. I think of those who cannot come to the church: those in nursing homes, those near death, those without anyone to bring them, those who feel like they do not belong or are welcome, or any other reason. Still, we have to bring more people to the Lord. God is communion and communion is not complete when even one of us is not present.

I had a beautiful Good Friday visit with my mother in St. Camillus Nursing home. We had some chocolates together and talked for a while. I then asked her if she wanted to be anointed with the oil of the sick and to receive communion and she broke down in tears. She said, "Yes, I remember all my prayers. I say them nightly. I like being close to the church." She used so many tissues to wipe away her tears. I've never seen her cry so many flowing tears.

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