Sunday, April 23, 2017

Marielund Retreat

The Ignatian Retreat successfully came to an end. The retreatants left the retreat house refreshed and energized and they seemed to profit from their time with the Lord quite abundantly. They were a fun group of people - all seeking the Lord in a new depth.

The group seemed to enjoy, alongside the spirituality talks, the many crafts and ways to express themselves artistically - through coloring, zen-tangles, origami, scratching black pads of paper to reveal glitter, aquarelle, and other endeavors. We did stretching and breathing exercises, an imaginative journey, a guided scriptural meditation, faith sharing, some singing and listening to music to go along with the poems and prose.

Some of the best parts were the sharing of stories and the time to listen to each person's quest for God.

The food was spectacularly Sweden. I enjoyed the almond marzipan treats, the chocolate toffee pie, the many breads and crackers to be covered in cheese, the well- baked meats, the simple breakfasts with its assortment of herrings, and the constant teas. We were always eating. This type of food does not normally make it to my palate. I'm glad I can get some steps in while in Stockholm because I was attached to a chair while at the retreat center.

I left the retreat center feeling so pleased with the time with the retreatants. It gave me great hope and comfort to spend just a little bit of time with them. God provides. Always has. Always will.


  1. Sounds magnificent John!!! the glitter, the scripture, the music, but most of all the food (j/k)...but most of all the shared space to pray. God does indeed provide. The bread of life indeed!