Monday, April 24, 2017

Dancing to Abba: A Swedish Spa

On my way to the Royal Gardens on the back side of the Skansen Open Air museum, I noticed a museum dedicated to Abba. I nearly forgot about this 1970's band with peppy tunes. Mamma Mia is still playing in theatres in town.

I was invited to attend a workout session, which was a riot. An animated woman in her 70's, who wanted everyone to smile, was our cheerleader coach as she began class. She was very happy to let me know that George Foreman, the boxer, and a few others from the States will be visiting her in June to watch the way she conducts classes. The show will be broadcast on NBC shortly afterwards.

In class we did a lot of dancing aerobic routines with lots of jumping up and down. I was one of four men in the class of perhaps 40. She played some music and I had a faint recollection of the song from a long time ago and then I realized it was Abba. For nearly an hour we danced to Abba music. It was like a time warp with music, but it fit the beat of the steps. The instructor wanted everyone to be happy.

When that class finished, some of us went into the heater pool for water exercise. I enjoyed this. My hip arthritis got a workout, but without any stress. I loved it. We exercised with tension via floating devices for an hour.

The people at the club were lovely and generous in spirit. They were solicitous of my well being and were happy to ask me about the States, most especially about the POTUS. They can't figure out what Americans did during the election.

It turns out that this club is for the wealthy elite of Sweden and that it is the most highly regarded spa in the country. Everything was tastefully detailed.

It came time for my Swedish massage and it was pure relaxation. Afterwards, I ate oranges and pears as I reclined next to the pool and spent time in the aroma room. I had never given myself over to such treatment.

Well, I had to be off to the next event so I stopped by a cafe for a coffee and pastry. My eye kept being directed to this chocolate covered orb. I bought one. I could not wait to sink my teeth into a tasty chocolate cake ball wrapped in dark chocolate and coconut. I took a healthy bite only to find out it was a marshmallow. Sometimes it is good to know the language. However, it was a tasty marshmallow, so I was disappointed in my choice, but not in the product.

Swedish coffee is strong and tasty. Mmm. Their desserts go very well with the strong coffee. I especially like their almond pastries. Life is good.

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