Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Art Classes

To place myself up for ridicule and laughter, in the attempts of self-disclosure and transparency, here are my first etchings for art class.

I am learning techniques, therefore the finished product is not as important as the steps I am learning. I do not mean this to be an apologetic, but just to explain that the instructor is working on some techniques with me. I appreciate his tips and techniques.

I'm somewhat amazed at what comes out of the pencil because there's something fun in it. I'm enjoying this time.

The first day was spent on framing squares and angles. Then we worked on some shading, then some still life.

Increasingly the subjects are becoming more complicated, but that is the fun of the challenge. I'm not trying for perfection, but I like the study of it. The human face is quite a miracle. One day, I'll perfect the eyes and the dimensions, but it does make me realize how complicated is the human body.

I like the see the progression and while I see my many faults, I see the right things I am doing as well. Why did I wait so long to do this?

To see photos of my novice artwork, click on the link below:

1. Pics of my first ever artwork


  1. Very impressive John. Such patience but these end results are well worth your perseverance. Bravo !!

    1. Thanks, Phil. I'm just at the beginning. Let's see what emerges.

  2. I'm with Philomena. I'm impressed - stick figures are my speed! It's great that you are trying a new endeavour - and with such marvellous results.