Saturday, March 9, 2013

Photos: Wadi Rum

On the way back from Aqaba, I stopped in Wadi Rum again. It is a magical place untouched by commercialization. I wish I stayed longer during my morning visit.

To see photos of our trip, click on the link below:

1. Pics of the Morning Sun in Wadi Rum
2. Pics of Wadi Rum Part 2


  1. John,
    Great photos to study and contemplate. It is difficult to look away.
    My favorite is the camel standing in the thin shade
    seemingly having a conversation with himself or herself.
    Thanks for your generous sharing.
    Mark Clark

    1. Thanks, Mark. I want to go back and immerse myself in the desert more often. I have to do it soon before it gets too hot.

      One day, you'll have to tell me something more about yourself.


  2. I felt like I was there when I looked at your pictures. My favourite is the picture of the purple flowers for to me that would be such a pleasant surprise to fine them in the desert. Thank you.

    1. I almost did not take a shot of those flowers because I wasn't sure if they would come out in justice to the way they looked in real life. I'm glad you liked it.