Thursday, March 14, 2013

Photos: Mountain Breeze Farm

I visited a parishioner-friend whose son owns a farm called Mountain Breeze in the hills to the west of Amman. We enjoyed a nice brunch after mass and then toured the Mountain Breeze resort and Paintball course.

She and her husband bought a small piece of property on this hillside years ago when it was regarded as an undesirable site. They built a farm on the lower part of the mountain and kept getting invitations to buy more property. Now, they own the most desirable property on the hillside. A good vision is needed to see the possibilities for the future.

To see photos of our trip, click on the link below:

1. Pics of the Springtime at Mountain Breeze
2. Pics of Mountain Meadow Walk

3. Pics of the Terrace Views
4. Pics of  Maria's Farm

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