Sunday, July 13, 2014

Inching my way back

Here I am in Boston and I am so pleased with the pleasant driving habits of the citizens of this town. Drivers are kind and respectful and they obey the laws, which are designed for safety. I even was standing in a cross-walk and a car slowed down so I could cross the road unimpeded. I was so touched and I waved the car on so they did not have to stop for me. There was no traffic behind him.

It made me think of the ways I was an aggressive driver in the past. I always followed the law, but I was also too hasty in wanting to get to my destination, but for now, I'm delighting in following the laws as best I can. The laws are made because they care and honor the person. Safety is a key virtue. I'm liking this.

I continue to run into the nicest people. So many people are smiling naturally with a deep connection. It is what I remember when I go to bed each night. A smile can mean something tremendous to another person and it is having such a positive effect upon me. I like happy people anyways.

Last night as I was meeting friends for dinner at the S&S (Essen & Essen: Eat and Eat) restaurant in Cambridge, I met the nicest people outside. A tanned man with a roundish face sat in a chair smiling. Though he was 90, he did not even have a wrinkle and I doubt he used Botox. His bride, in her 80's, looked just as serene, and their 64 year old daughter looked just like her dad.

We chatted for half an hour. They were waiting for their daughter who was an art dealer of Israeli products in Hong Kong. She was cooking a meal for them to be served at the restaurant. We talked on a broad range of subjects and I showed them by artwork, and then my friends finally came. These people were the owners of the restaurant, which is only in its third generation of ownership. We laughed for most of the half hour.

Our meal was very tasty. I had broiled haddock, which was such a treat. The night before I had swordfish. I know I'm back in New England. I even had brussel sprouts - very tasty.

I did visit my family yesterday before heading to Cambridge and I was back in Cambridge this morning to meet good friends from St. Paul Parish: Marybeth, Mary Alice, and Sr. Virginia. Bruch was terrific.

My life is filled with good people.

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