Friday, July 11, 2014

Michael Buble

As I gently ease back into life in the U.S., a friend bought tickets to the Michael Buble concert at Mohegan Sun, a casino in southeast Connecticut run by Native Americans. It was quite good. Buble is a Canadian singer in the likes of Frank Sinatra/Bing Crosby, but with an upbeat, contemporary edge to his style.

Mohegan Sun is a fascinating place. Its environment represents the many symbols of Native American life. It is spacious and monumental in design and it accommodates a huge number of people. From the outside, the place looks relatively small, but it is as if there are magical tents that open once you are inside to new and exciting places.

There is an arena for shows and the WNBA (Women's National Basketball Association) games, with dozens of restaurants, retail stores, kiosks, and then the betting parlors. There are smoke-free sections, but since it is not U.S. property, it does not have to follow U.S. smoking regulations. I think it does have to follow USDA guidelines for serving food.

The lights and sounds dazzle in an upbeat cathedral of gambling. I'm thankful I have no inclinations to gamble. I would have to be force to gamble simply because I'm not interested in the enterprise, but I would happily spend a weekend in the casino because it is a world of fantasy that is so different from regular life.

The concert though was terrific. The warm up band was an a capella group called 'Naturally Seven,' that replicated the sound of musical instruments. They eventually joined Michael Buble for a few songs near the end of the concert.

He sang so well and seemed interested in performing for us. It is easy to tell that he is a professional who cares about his craft. He seemed engaged with the audience - a real good connection.

The backdrops were often very busy. There was also some part of a light show on the screens and stage behind it. It was quite good, but it sometimes distracted from watching him perform. The show was nicely syncopated and choreographed and he had a fantastic band. Also, an female ensemble of strings performed with him as well.

The show was spirited and he did not seem to tire at all. I'm very glad I went.

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