Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Ah, for the second day in a row I attended yoga classes and I am well pleased. I thought I would attend so I could learn how to appropriately deal with my arthritic hip (only a mild case, but I do not want it to worsen.) The stretches are simple and mild, but they have a great effect upon the whole body.

I saw an article the other day about Fred Roger's of Mr. Roger's neighborhood. He was always very meticulous about hanging up his clothing and making certain that everyone was in its proper order. As a child, he seemed too deliberate and good, but his message stuck. If we take care of the small details in life right away, the rest falls into place. Orderliness and deliberate actions show self love.

I feel like yoga is a little like Mr. Roger's habits because he moved gracefully throughout the room. Yoga is very graceful - nothing at all is rushed, but it is well planned. Sweeping arm movements, bringing hands to heart, gentle movements to respect and honor the body help us be more aware of our movements and limitations.

Nothing is forced and freedom is ascertained, yet we stretch just a little further than we allow ourselves in regular life. Correct posture, deep breathing, tending to our sore spots makes one feel better for the rest of the day. One can walk taller and straighter as we regulate our breathing.

In fact, all the techniques of yoga are what are used in warmups for singing. I realize that my body holds tension that is worked out in yoga. Very nice.

Best of all, learning to trust the instructor is a gift. Ed, our instructor, has a smooth voice and he is very instructional. He looks out for each person and simply encourages us to focus forward. I feel very relaxed; it feels indulgent to care for oneself after caring for others on a regular basis.

Prayer: Yoga helps prayer. I felt as though Christ was with me as we reached for the heavens and tucked our chins away. Grace and beauty. Christ was in each breath and every expulsion of air.

And my hip has greater mobility.

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