Tuesday, July 15, 2014


The reintegration process is coming slowly. Today I felt I had great energy when I awoke and headed out to my routine doctor's appointment, but it did not take long to lose steam. As I drove back to Boston, I was stuck in a commuter logjam for too long.

Yet, when I returned I had  a long list of emails to send and I was productive in getting most of this organization completed. Then I set out to find my bank in my new neighborhood. I searched up and down the neighboring streets for this national bank, but there was none to find in the area. I settled upon returning home to update my weekly blog.

I knew I needed a GPS so I set out to buy one at Best Buy. I had an uneasy feeling about getting a product from them so I checked online and found cheaper, better quality solutions that are easily obtainable. I felt like I was being duped into buying something I really did not want.

Tonight, I went to my first watercolor art class and I was very happy with it. The instructor showed us some nice techniques that will come in handy. I match what he taught us against what I discovered for myself and I'm pleased with how much I have taught myself. He also taught himself watercolors, even though he worked with other media in the past.

Speaking of the arts, I'm so pleased that the Arabic singing group Dozan wa Awtar participated in Latvia and took home two gold diplomas. I'm so proud of them. It was good exposure for them and I think they had a chance to learn about other choral groups. I'm so proud of them and I wish I sang with them.

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