Friday, May 31, 2013

A Peaceful Easy Morning

The morning has barely begun, but I was awakened to the first chirps of the birds outside my window. Usually, I hear car horns blaring and loud peals of the Greek Orthodox Church, but this morning was silent enough to hear the birds. The day is its usual 90 degrees, sunny, and dry.

During Mass, I felt so calm and peaceful as if I was having my own private prayer. Nothing was rushed; nothing was performed; all seemed to be dialogue with God for me and the parishioners. I did not have to rush out for a meeting; my first appointment arrived on time, and all preparations seemed to start well for the day. Last night was a time of organizing some paperwork and all is in good shape.

I was reflecting upon last night's spirituality group and the ways the group discussed their faith life so gracefully. I was touched by one person who updated that two things in her life went very well based upon techniques she learned within the group. Slowly, God is changing around the lives of people. After a strenuous year, I feel like I can sit back a bit and admire how God has worked through them. I feel content and I know God is directing my efforts.


  1. Thanks be to God! I am glad that you had this wonderful start to your day! AMDG!

  2. There is no better feeling that to know that God is directing your efforts. May you continue to rest in God.