Thursday, May 23, 2013


I am finally painting in my art class. We spent some time mixing paints and putting on a dark background for a light, but color-complex image of a seaside European fortress town. In the foreground are some new fishing boats at a pier with some other boats lining the city shore. The time of day is dusk so there are complex colors that emerge when lights are turned on but darkness hasn't descended. Not all the lights have been turned on and dark shadows stretch across the canvass. Old square and rectangular mercantile buildings form the major features with some landscaped trees and a  faded image of a church. Atop the hill is a clock tower and to its left are some castle ruins. It is fairly complex for my first painting ever, but it is a thrill.

Today, I'm sketching a still life of a bowl of fruit. While it seems simple in comparison, the colors are edgy and I think it will be more difficult than I realize. However, I love the eggplant colored background.

As I begin, I'm learning techniques and I am not confident about how I should proceed. I was using far too much turpentine at the beginning. I guess I paint the way I live. I am frugal with money and expenses when it comes to myself, but much more generous to others; likewise when I paint, I need to  slab the paint on thicker because of my natural tendency not to overdo things. The canvass is a great mirror for the way I live.

I just hope beauty comes out of my efforts.


  1. Beauty encompasses a great deal. I think that beauty will be certain to be the result of your efforts because, as you mentioned, your painting reflects the way you live. You live a life for others and there is beauty in that so there will be beauty in your painting. I hope you will share a picture of the completed painting.

    1. Thanks, Lynda. Thanks for your good comments. I will certainly share my paintings, but it will take a while to complete them. I want to enjoy the process.