Friday, May 31, 2013

Spiritual Hunger

I could not believe it. During the winter and spring, the Jesuits collected magazine to read from different sources - with a couple paid subscriptions. Of course, many of the magazine contained excellent articles. After we read these magazines, we were ready to toss them out, but I asked if I could make them available to parishioners after Mass.  I placed them on a shelf at the entrance of the church, but it doesn't seem to be a culture that does a whole lot of reading. I decided that I would throw away any stray magazine that was left behind. I figured I might have to throw most of them in the trash.

To my amazement, as I was recessing out of the church every last single copy was gone. My first thought was that someone threw them in the trash, but the bins were empty. The church was cleaner than ever. Over the next few days, I was asked if I could find a better distribution route because many people want to read the magazines. Some were disappointed that they could not even get their hands on a copy of one single issue. I learned a good lesson and I am wholly pleased to know of their hunger for good intellectual content. I wish I had more to give them.


  1. It seems to me that you have had a great influence in the brief time that you have been there. God is using you.