Monday, May 6, 2013

Finally Easter!

Easter has finally come and I am well satisfied with the liturgies. There's always room for improvement, but most of it has to deal with the host churches. It is difficult to lug everything from place to place all the time and one of the pastors really would prefer we not even use his church, but we deal with that as best we can.

Mostly I am proud of two individuals who were received into the church. They are excellent people who are fun to be with. I enjoy my weekly meetings with them and I am so proud of the way they reached deep into their faith and found enjoyment in it.

Many parishioners told me that these were the most beautiful services they've experienced in Amman. Above all, they were edified by seeing these two new Neophytes enter the faith. It gives them hope and they are happy to see new Catholics added to the community. They also realized that this process took them a long while to enter and that they devoted study. It is great to build upon these rites and we already have others who are interested in joining the faith in the future.

I feel like I have been through a whole year's worth of activities and now I can move away from the essentials and get things organized in different ways. Just like a first year teacher, it takes time to build upon a new foundation.

The choir did a great job. After they walk out of mass, they cannot keep singing. They do get excited to learn new songs and they simply cannot stop singing. That tells me they like it a whole lot. I've also had visitors to the parish who sing the traditional songs we are learning and they feel very welcome. Liturgies are not done so well in Amman and when it is carried off well, people feel at home. I want to specialize in that because it is the only chance I'll be able to see some people and I want them to have a good experience. I also want many of the parishioners who have difficult lives to have something meaningful to celebrate.

Today was lovely as I had a chance to rest, celebrate, and begin to work on First Communion and Confirmation celebrations. Oh, yes, and then there are all the calls about infant baptisms.

All is good. I'm very pleased.


  1. I'm so glad to hear that everything went extremely well. I'm on the RCIA Team and I understand how exciting it is when people are willing to study and spend a great deal of time and effort to journey to Baptism, Confirmation and the Holy Eucharist. It is a time of edification for the whole parish. One of our priests used to say that it built up his faith to see people who wanted to become Catholic.

    I hope you are able to get a good rest before the other celebrations. Blessings to you and Happy Easter!

    1. Ah, all is good. I had a restful sleep last night and all is in a good place. Receiving new people into the church is enlivening for many.

  2. Let the alleluias ring out! Easter joy to you! Christos anesti!