Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Catching Up on Rest

The morning was silent and lazy and I had no urgency to arise. I turned back over and just let myself breathe so easily and naturally. A million things to do washed over my mind but I simply dismissed them to enjoy a gentle waking. I had nearly eight hours of interrupted sleep as a cool morning breeze greeted me.

After a hot decaffeinated coffee helped me stir to life, I went to the refrigerator to collect two eggs, corn on the cob, roasted onions, grilled garlic and chicken. I made myself a tasty omelette and declined on adding any cheese to weigh it down. I felt ready for the day.

The phone rang, emails piled up, visitors knocked, but this is my day off.

I looked again at my artwork from class last night and I became excited that I will begin painting next week. I thought about my work in framing these images and I realize how difficult it is going to be, but I love the color palette of the busy city street that I have to sketch. For a moment I felt lonely that I can't really share my excitement with others, but then I poured myself a cappuccino and shared it with the Lord. That felt meaningful.

This weekend will be very busy with people coming in and out of my life. A former spiritual directee is visiting Amman this weekend, a friend from Maine is also coming, the visiting priest who filled in until a year ago is returning to Chicago, and three friends from my former parish in Cambridge are stopping in Amman as their pilgrimage concludes. Then I have First Communion preparation this weekend and Confirmation next weekend.

But today, I need to be gentle with myself as I recover from Holy Week and Easter services. I imagine Jesus needed time to recover from what he went through as well.


  1. John, it is important to be gentle with yourself, especially after such a busy time. I am sorry that there was no one with whom to share your excitement about your artwork; however, when your painting is completed, please share a photo of it with us.

    1. Ah, I'm good though. I offered it to the Lord. Lots of fun things ahead.