Monday, July 29, 2013


I'm not quite sure what fireworks have to do with Ramadan, but they go off nightly. They are keeping me awake tonight. I've never known the attraction to fire-crackers because they are only there to disrupt the quiet.

I took a walk tonight down the new Abdali projects, which is the new downtown area. It is a massive project. From the Jesuit Center, it appears as if the project is going slowly, but as I walked through the new boulevards, I could see a lot more ground-level activity. Most impressive is that they have done some tree and flower planting, which is usually a finishing touch project, but the area looks rather attractive. A nice edgy style is planned for the buildings and I suppose it will bring in a lot of moneyed people to the area as it is near Parliament and the Courts. It can change the character of the neighborhood a great deal. This area of town is in need of serious renovation.

As I was walking home, I heard the Beatles "The Fool on the Hill" on my IPod. I felt like that man as Iftar was just called and all the Muslims were gathering for an evening picnic.

I'm still amazed at the power of singing. One man I know started singing with me weeks ago. He came to confession and has been going to church every Sunday since then. Incredible. I think something like this is what Francis, the Bishop of Rome, speaks about in his homilies.

I'm delighted that Francis seems to be leading the Church back into Spirit of Vatican II. That the Church is so willing to go there - that it is so easy - speaks of its rightness. Everyone I know is feeling good by his initiatives that come from our Council - our Church's Constitution.

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