Friday, July 26, 2013

             I seemed to have slept well enough. I had a pleasant traveling companion, but no empty seat. I watched "GI Joe" but I slept before it ended, then I watched "Identity Theft," which was merely all right. Melissa McCarthy had an interesting part.

              I reflected that I met the nicest people while traveling. I kind of hung out with an Indian man from Denver who is visiting his mother in Delhi; I sat with a Jordanian Christian who was returning home from a Stateside visit; an Osteopathic Surgeon introduced himself to me as he is visiting from the States. All along the way, I met the nicest people.

            I laughed when others laughed when they asked how long I was visiting. I said, "I live in Amman," to which they replied, "I never expected an answer like that."

           Returning to the Jesuit Center is a challenge at the moment because the tile floors are ripped up as construction work is happening. It confronts my "lack of home" feeling, but I'll adjust. I realized my entry into Jordan was less "in your face" than my arrival last year. The beautiful terminal helps to welcome a person and the desert doesn't seem so omnipresent

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