Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Man with the Smile

I had a great night's sleep. Before I went to bed my pedometer told me I walked over 25,000 steps and it asked me if I'd like to go at least 5,000 more. I went to bed. Today, I only have 17,000+ steps.

I walked along the south end of the Old City and when I was about three miles from the Jesuit Center, I ran into a man with his son who wer at these luxury townhouses overlooking the outdoor cinemas. He asked me a few questions and then said, "are you the man with the smile? Keep smiling." I never thought I would see him again and I was miles from where I met him. He said I promised to come to his shop. I made no such promise. He simply told me I must come. Anyways, when I was in the Old City, I did stop by his place and his doors were closed up. What a relief!

I spent some time at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher today because I thought there would not be tremendous crowds. It is interesting to hear what people surmise happened there. It is not like a museum that actually tells you what you are looking at. First, people don't have a tradition of reading and second, it would wipe away the need for tour guides.

When I was down at Ben Yehuda today I treated myself to two tasty croissants - one cheese, the other chocolate. They were lightly glazed to keep them crisp and they were very tasty. I felt like my purpose in coming to Jerusalem was achieved. I sat there feeling very happy.

I realized that I must try to do all things well. For instance, if I'm going to make pasta for myself, I ought to go out of my way to prepare it as I would for a friend. Take no shortcuts. Life is about enjoying the small details. I can eat better, dress better, invest more time into not just finishing a task, but to make it come out well. Life is to be lived well in each moment.

I saw a couple things I was not expecting. I saw lots of apparent wigs on women. They did not fit at all. I wondered if some had cancer. You never know what sufferings a person is carrying. I also saw a certain type of Jew working as a trash collector. Typically, they don't work, but this job is a very menial one. I was surprised he took the job. I also saw a Jew begging at the Mamilla Mall. I was surprised.

Then I saw something that pleased me. I was twenty-six couples dancing at the Mall. An area was roped off and these couples, whose age range did not drop below sixty, were dancing and having the time of their lives. The faces and composures of these people were extraordinary. They were masters at their craft and they held their bodies well. I loved it.

Just outside their ring were some twenty-somethings who were doing some line dancing. The place was full of joy. Life is to be lived in the moment. We must never lose an opportunity to enjoy life.


  1. What a good time you are having as you pay attention to the small details and are present to the moment. It is great to hear about your adventures.

    1. The small events seem to make the big differences in my day. It was a great time.