Friday, July 19, 2013

Short-Burst Travels

The night was sleepless because of the food poisoning, but I was on my way for lab work in Beverly, Massachusetts, an hour north of Boston. Just my luck, I was meeting a friend from breakfast.

I roared when I was with the lab technician because I asked her directions to Red’s restaurant on Route One in Peabody and she responded, “Go to the place where the Bel Aire used to be, and you are there.” Apparently, the Bel Aire closed down six or seven years ago. I said, “Thank you” and went no further in conversation because this is the same way directions are given in Jordan.

Breakfast with Bob was very pleasant and encouraging. He and I worked at the same Bank and he is an avid support of Boston College and many social justice causes. His heart is quite expansive. He has recovered from a health issue that limited him early in the year and it was great to hear the news of his family. We talked about Church stuff too and his views and beliefs about where the church seems to be going from his perspective is very encouraging.

Visiting my family was very pleasant. Everyone looks the same. No one has aged considerably, but the nieces and nephews are maturing. I spent most of the day with them. The small town of Douglas hasn’t really ever changed much, which I consider a good thing, because it retains its rural charm. However, the neighboring town of Webster is showing a great deal more commercial development.

My schedule of visitation was very exact and complex. My older sister was doing a curious thing. After I traveled thousands of miles from Jordan to Boston, she did not come down to see me, but tried to arrange things for me to see her as she lives only two miles from the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, where I was staying. She wants me to go to her place to visit, which I have no objection to doing whatsoever, but the schedule is all planned out and it doesn’t include time to specifically visit her because we agreed that she would come down to the family house. I still wonder if I’ll see her. She is confused that I have many doctor’s appointments, but I’ve been away for ten months and want to get checked out. Lab work on Tuesday, eye doctors on Wednesday, dentist on Thursday, physical exam on Friday, family visit on Saturday, with a Sunday departure. I’ve scheduled social visit around those appointments.

One thing I noticed was that the food in the U.S. is very sweet. After passing up the opportunity for muffins and donuts, I decided upon a peach yogurt, which was loaded with sugar. I need to modify my diet back in Amman, but I’m grateful for all the choice foods in Jordan. The animal products do not have hormones; the fruits and vegetables are very fresh; natural spices are applied to many recipes. However, Jordan doesn’t have great quantities of lobster, fried clams, salmon and haddock, and many other delicacies, but fortunately, I have no desire to indulge in lengthy meals.

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