Friday, December 6, 2013

Double Header

Today's two performances were radically different. Yesterday, it seemed like we were in for a marathon weekend, but by today's end, there's only one performance left. That is very sad.

Our matinee performance was filled with children who laughed and cried throughout the entire show. They gave us so much life and energy. We loved it when at the end of the show the kids came streaming onto the stage to sing Rudolph, Jingle Bells, and a few other songs. During the intermission, the cast sang and danced and ate pizza for an hour and a half.

The evening's performance was a packed house and it was filled with sophisticated audience members. They lingered after the show because they were having so much good cheer. I loved that even the theatre's management were very happy with the efforts. I don't think they've ever seen anything like this before.

I believe it is the first local production of a (Christmas) musical in Jordan. The love from the audience keeps us going. Only one more night!

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