Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Second Night of Project Christmas

The second night of Project Christmas had even more energy than opening night. Normally, the second night is the one where people let down on energy as they are more comfortable and the opening night jitters are over, but somehow we found the energy to keep going. Seating capacity was nearly full and the audience was quite spirited (no reference to the free Jameson Whiskey that was given away.

I admire the professionals in the cast. They do such a good job so easily. They have great energy and spirit and a passion to do things as the director would like. They sing well and act well and know how to compensate organically if there is a line change. We are getting to know each other so well through this process.

I am touched by the generosity of spirit of everyone who puts on the show. When we were a little down on ourselves because of fatigue, we received notes to cheer us. When our bones were aching, we received care packages. Everyone know how to care for one another.

We love the audience comments, One woman said, "We basically live in a sad world and this kind of laughter is what we need to go on." Another said, "You made us laugh, you made us cry, you made us all warm and fuzzy inside. I am so proud of you." The audience comments were worth the show. We do want to bring joy and happiness and a message of hope and salvation to our audience - through our music. I think we are doing that.

Happy Christmas, Amman. We are very glad you are receiving well our gift to you. Many blessings.


  1. It is important to remember that we bring hope and salvation in many different ways, including plays and musicals - not just in church. God is in all things at all times. Blessings to you for your hard work as you still have everything else to do but this is extremely important "evangelism".

    1. I think you are right. Many people are edified by seeing their pastor on stage. It is hard work though.