Thursday, December 12, 2013


The long-expect snowflakes have begun to fall. The night had a little rain and that changed over to snow for about 20 minutes this morning. The flakes were very large. Nothing stayed on the ground and a few more flakes are forecast for later in the day.

Schools and universities are closed. Even our caroling concert tonight is cancelled. An event on Saturday is cancelled even though it will be much warmer then. Snow brings out great emotions from many. Some are saddened because of the refugees, especially the children, who are subject to harsh conditions. The desert is always harsh. Others feel frightful and anxious. I feel light and energized. It reminds me of all those years shoveling snow. I really miss that. I love the silence that comes with standing outside in the elements and it is you together with the snow, and then when you finish, entering a warm house feels welcoming.

I think I'll put up my decorations today.


  1. John, Could you please clarify your relationship with the refugee camps? Are they are part of your parish? Are they close by? Do you visit often? I saw the postings about the mittens and and your occasional other references to the refugees, and was wondering how you are connected. Thanks for the clarification.

    1. Totally unrelated. The camps are run jointly between the Jordanian government and the U.N. I can't visit because there are so many restrictions and many people want to visit the camps to see how they can help out. There are a couple of Catholic priests who speak Arabic who can visit the camps. My English speaking skills do not help them out. They are about 1.5 hour drive north of Amman. I was able to give the mittens to an agency that has clearance to visit the camps.