Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Made in China; Time changes

I chuckled when a store owner proudly beamed: This is made in China. Since when are Chinese products desirable? I recognized that they thought it was a better product than something locally made. Though China does not have solid quality, they at least have standards to uphold.

A year ago, friend showed me their house, most especially the lighting fixtures, and said, "Everything in here is from the U.S.A. I felt annoyed because you do have to invest in locally made products, but I see their point. I just received new lights for the bathroom mirror and they are too bright. Their glare is magnified and they don't believe in frosted coverings. I can sympathize with my friends now.

I went out for a drive in the rain this morning because I realized few people would be on the street and on my day off, I wanted to get out of the house for a spell. I loved watching the driving rain. It is a rain like I haven't seen before. I love it. Water brings life and this desert shall soon bloom. I'm a fan of changing the micro-climates. If we plant more trees and bushes, the temperate changes. Jordan wasn't always a desert and we can go back to a more fertile landscape. The ministry of agriculture announced that they were giving away seedlings to plant at a very cheap price, except they never told us where to pick them up or left us a phone number to call.

Anyways, waterfalls were cascading down roadways this morning. Drains were clogged and water backed up into great pools. It was fun watching the desperate moves of soaked pedestrians who did not want to get doused even greater. Drain spouts were hilariously shooting streams of water onto roadways; they were intended to divert them from the roads. Oh, this is a great rain.

One day, Jordan will decide it will try to collect the rain instead of having it run off to unusable areas. The water runs off so rapidly. Amman could still use some good urban planning where they lower some of their jebels and fill in the wadis. Even if they made a pond, it would be an attractive place for people to gather. Water is a precious resource here. We are thrilled with the Disi Project and the Red to Dead project.

Anyways, I thought the rain would make people slow down while driving. It didn't. Cars were parked in areas to block major intersections with the police standing just a few meters away from them. Someone could make a fortune if they convince the city council to allow towing. It would hurt people in the pocketbooks so badly that they would be cognizant and where and how they park. I long for this behavioral modification system. Within the first year, the towing company owners would certainly be millionaires.

I went to the Taj Mall to take some photos of Christmas decorations as the place is Christian owned. I was delighted to see an ice rink at the entrance to the Mall. This Mall knows how to do things right. The new Galleria Mall that just opened is scantily decorated and there just is not a good spirit there. I will certainly try some ice skating at the rink.

The rain has cancelled classes tomorrow at government schools and universities. Everyone is in a panic. It is just water!!!

However, the government today made a reasonable decision. On December 19th, they will change their clocks back one hour to be in sync with the rest of the world.

We never expect decisions to be reasonably made, but I'm glad for this.

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