Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Opening Night

After months of preparation and a grueling last week and a half, Project Christmas finally opened to its Amman audience. A play of 12 Dozan wa Awtar singers and dancers performed a Christmas musical that was designed to make people cry, laugh, and have new memories of Christmas for years to come.

Musicals and dramatic plays are new to Jordan and Jana Zeineddine gave excellence guidance as the play's director. People will want more type of these productions once they experience her work as she is professionally theatrically trained. Janelle Hansen Brown was the artistic music director who rehearsed the singers in their repertoire.

Project Christmas is about a chorus that is preparing for a Christmas show, but it needs a professional director. They reach out to a Lebanese star who reluctantly agrees to direct the show - only one week before the show is set to open. Conflicts, subplots, heartaches, and illnesses plague the chorus' progress, but the show must go on.

It is my first play ever! I decide to stretch myself to see if I could do it. A parishioner told me this morning that her son was to become a priest and a rock star when he grows up and she said I am the perfect inspiration for him. LOL.

Five more performances. I think I'll remember my lines.


  1. John, you are stretching yourself and having such fun! No wonder you are an inspiration to that little boy - that is a great witness to the joy that comes with being in relationship with Jesus. May the next five performances go well!

    1. Knowing that the audiences are receiving this gift so well is a blessing. It makes all the effort worth it. We love to see them smile and hear them laugh.