Monday, February 25, 2013

Bees and warmth

Bees are buzzing around Amman these days. Not many, mind you, but enough to say that the warm weather is here to stay. Today will be 70 degrees; tomorrow 74 F. Everyone is walking around with fewer layers of clothing. Many people seem to be happy to be outside.

An increased number of birds are around as well. I saw a mother sparrow with two young ones right outside my window the other day. They don't know that I am merely a foot away from them because they can't see inside the mirrored-film window. 

As I said Mass this morning, I remember thinking to myself that very few hear my homily because most of them have basic English. They are faithful though. The come every day. There's a French gentleman who brought a French friend, an Arabic speaker who knows limited English, but tries to teach me Arabic every morning, and other foreigners who do their best to understand. To my astonishment, I said something this morning (and yesterday at Sunday mass) that really hit home to a couple of them. I laughed interiorly because I was half-heartedly thinking I should skip giving homilies from time to time.

I have begun to chant the opening and closing prayers at Mass. I'm trying to use cantors as well. It is all working out fine.

The New England Provincial and the Jesuits of the Near East province came for a visit. Each year, every Jesuit makes an account of conscience to the provincial as part of our governance system. He stayed with us for nearly a week and he was able to enjoy some sight-seeing too. Back to a normal schedule now.

I missed two events last week. I could not go to my art class because an Iraqi artist was showcasing his work. I was scheduled to go to the Dead Sea for a chorus retreat, but the changes in the provincial's schedule necessitated changes in mine.

I'm off to one of the two new spirituality groups I am leading. They are fun. I like the people who come to it.

One aspect of the food that I like here is that there are no hormones in them. Chickens are smaller than we get in the U.S. (unless we go to Popeye's) and they seem tastier. It feels healthier and more natural.

O.K. Heading off to one of the groups now.


  1. Enjoy it all! I am so glad that people are faithful in coming to mass and building community with you! The sparrow made me think of how much God cares for us. God is the one, not so far away, on the other side of a window that we can not always see through.

    1. My mass experiences here are so different and at the same time often similar to what I've experienced in the States.

      I think God is looking at us joyfully when God sees us through that window.