Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ongoing Traffic

I left early for my art class today so I would avoid the end-of-day school traffic congestion. It worked, but the drivers are still certainly dangerous. Every time a car or truck tries to enter the road from a side street, they come out without regard to any cars on the road. If they do happen to stop, they are already encroaching on the traffic so everyone has to go into the opposing lane for safety. I really experience no regard for anyone else. None. While I am used to it, it is still an offensive behavior because it conveys disrespect. The other driver's concern to get where they want to go first is more important than any person's safety. Maddening.

The other day I was run off the road by someone on a side street who had no intention of stopping as he bullied his way onto the main road. Since it was evening, I turned on my high-beams to display my anger towards him. He was very offended that my lights were on. To him, I was being rude to him and not following the customs of courtesy. Doesn't that makes sense at all?

On the way home from class today, traffic was awful. Drivers do not know how to navigate roundabouts and traffic comes to a standstill. No one will budge an inch and they make sure they stop traffic instead of letting anyone pass through so traffic can flow.

I was so glad to get back to the Center. I was thinking, "I'm never going to drive again." I had it for the day. Nothing went right with driving. Just as I'm pulling into the driveway, a pedestrian who was waiting to cross the road, motioned me on, and gave me a big smile. Maybe there is courtesy after all.

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