Sunday, February 10, 2013

Two Turtledoves

I took some time this afternoon to sit on the roof deck and breathe in the spring air. I would have spent more time, but it is time to get ready for mass. It was lovely to breathe in fresh air and take a breather for the weekend. Three workers from Jesuit Relief Services were busy planning their schedules on the deck as well. All seemed peaceful.

When I came back to my office, two turtledoves sat outside my window and began cooing. They can't see me because of the reflective glass, but they sounded melodic. It is nice to see wildlife other than those feral cats. Store owners put their parakeets and other birds outside this morning for some fresh air.

Street vendors are cooking outdoors and people are beginning to hang out more. The food idea looks good. I wish there were a park where people could gather and enjoy themselves. A woman came by our center today just to pray in our gardens. Besides the flowers I mentioned earlier, the place is filled with grass. It is too bad they will all burn down in May. It is good that people are feeling they can just remain outside a bit.

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