Thursday, February 14, 2013


When I stepped outside today, I noticed two trees in our garden was littered with white blossoms. Buds are appearing on many of the bushes and dormant flowers are showing signs on new buds. Sure signs of spring even though the days are overcast and cloudy.

I began two spirituality/catechetical groups this week. The first one will deal with understanding the tenets of our faith that we profess in the creed. The second one will examine ways to develop your prayer as a personal relationship with God. I'm excited about both of them. The people in the group are very enthusiastic. They are the nicest people.

I'm getting to know many different types of people in Jordan and they are very kind and welcoming. Most of the time, the Arabs I meet are the average people on the street, but I'm getting to know a different type of Arab, whether Jordanian or Palestinian. There are keen differences between the Arab community and they tell me a lot about their culture and norms.

I find little difference between the people I am meeting and people in the U.S. I'm meeting professional and business oriented people. The choral group I joined has many people who love music, are well educated, are interested in their community, and love to laugh and enjoy good times. The only difference is: they speak a different language than I do, but they are very accommodating and hospitable.

It is very nice.


  1. It is so good to hear that you are enjoying the people. That makes a great difference no matter where we are living.